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Satori Sailing Charters - Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to Satori Sailing Charter

We believe in providing our guests with an integrated experience of sailing on board a world cruiser and the thrill of being powered by the wind, and experiencing the sense of freedom felt by the open sea, as well as the absolute thrill of close contact with its most majestic creatures in their natural environment.

We specialize in customizing trips for private parties that can include any of the following activities. Sailing, Whale watching, Surfing, Swimming, Snorkeling, Fishing, Kayaking, Visiting remote and private beaches, Romantic Sunsets, or just relax with your beverage of choice, Sunbathe, listen to music and enjoy the beautiful Banderas Bay.

Season November – March
Witness the spectacle of humpback whales that come by the thousands to mate and give birth in the picturesque Banderas bay. Humpback whales are still on the endangered species list so we are very fortunate that the Banderas Bay is a destination along their migratory route. It allows them to rest, eat and give birth before continuing south to colder waters. We will try to get as close as possible, but we are also very respectful of their natural habitat.
Humpback whales are naturally very curious and will often approach our boat and investigate us for quite a while at a time. This can provide a great photo opportunity and an unforgettable experience!
Baby humpbacks, breaching and lob tailing are common surface activities that you may witness while whale watching from the Satori.
It is also very common for us to have many sightings of dolphins, sea turtles, migratory birds, and other wildlife.
Other species that also exist in the bay are Grey Whales, Orcas, Sperm Whales, Blue Whales, Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins, Hawksbill, Giant leatherback and Green Sea Turtles.

We encourage passenger participation so those interested in taking a turn at the helm or learning how to raise and handle sails are welcomed. Wind permitting, you will experience the same thrill that has captivated the hearts of sea faring men and women for a thousand years, sailing under the power of the wind alone.

What we are not: We are not a booze cruise for people who want to drink their body weight in liquor. We are not a cattle boat were people are crowded in and have to take turns breathing . We do not play scull fracturing , ear splitting disco music from the time people arrive to the time they disembark . There are plenty of other tour company’s to choose from participating in this fun?

About the Boat

Satori was lovingly restored over an eight year period, with no expense speared as a live aboard cruiser by its current owner, to sail the worlds oceans in the moderate latitudes.

Type Trimaran
Lenght 42 feet
Beam (Width)
24′ 6″
Draft (Depth)
4′ 2″
Auxiliary Engine
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The Tours

  • All Aboard! Vamonos!
  • Yelapa Cruise
Tour Photo

All Aboard !! Vamonos !!

Three and a half to four hours, often longer depending on fun meter and conditions, of whale watching, dolphins sighting and sailing…

Price: $85.00 USD per Person

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Yelapa Cruise

Yelapa the last protected anchorage at the south end of the Bay of Banderas. An undiscovered fishing village thirty years ago, known mostly…

Price: $170.00 US

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The Sailing Satori Non-Profit Commitment

Dedicated to the education of under privileged children and committed to environmental conservation.

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